Warm Ups


Thoracic Bridge


Goblet Squat (can be used with a DB or KB)

Violent (Hardstyle) Swings

KB Swing

Double KB Swings

1/2 Kneeling Halo

KB Tension Holds

Upper Body

How to Tie the Rope

Seated Rope Rows


Lower Body

Sumo Deadlift

Conventional Deadlift

Airborne Lunges

Kickstand Squats

Split Squats



Chimp Crawls

Bear Crawls


Pushup Progression

Pushup with 3 Second Eccentric

Baby Rolls

Ninja Moves


Loaded Carries

Trap Bar Carry

Farmer Carry

Mace Work

Mace Holds

Band Work

Banded Lat Pulldown

Banded Lat Engagement Deadlifts

Pallof Press