The Hybrid Athlete

May 20th and 21st

San Jose Barbell

404 N. 13th St. 

San Jose Ca 95112

What is hybrid training?

It's all about building high level strength and endurance. Perhaps the greatest example is the cofounder and owner himself, Alex Viada. Just a few of his accomplishments include deadlifting 700 pounds, squatting 700 pounds, AND a sub 4:30 min mile. Such combinations of strength and endurance have traditionally been thought to be impossible to achieve. 

You'll learn about the training methods and philosophies to achieve huge progress in all areas of performance. You'll learn how to increase work capacity, how to train harder and make more strength gains. There will be a hands on breakdown of powerlifting form. Just a few of the other things that will be covered include:

  • Nutrition reqirements and philosophies to achieve strength and endurance gains
  • Myth busting and FAQ (the very first time CHP is doing this segment at a workshop)
  • Powerlifting
  • Endurance

You don't want to waste time on either doing too much or too little training. 

Getting the dose of exercise correct is key and you'll be learning from 3 of the world's best experts. 

If you want to lift a lot of weight and run fast, you'll want to be here. 


Alex Viada

Alex Viada, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and USA Triathlon Coach, is the founder and co-owner of Complete Human Performance. A lifelong athlete, he has participated and competed in nearly every sport imaginable (some with greater success than others), since being dragged to his first swim meet when he was four years old.

Alex has close to 13 years of personal training and coaching experience with over 300 athletes of all ages and levels, in sports ranging from bodybuilding to ultra running to triathlon to cycling to powerlifting. He has also prepared close to 40 individuals for Ranger School, SFAS, BUD/s, and other selective military programs.

His Hybrid Training method is simple — it consists of breaking down the demands and unique stressors of every type of training an athlete requires, and programming to target specific demands, not “labels” (i.e. “strength training,” “conditioning,” “endurance training,” etc.). The result is a style of programming that has produced a significant number of powerlifting triathletes and 300+ pound runners. Many athletes working with Complete Human Performance find themselves setting personal records in strength, speed and distance at the same time–something that was traditionally seen as impossible. Some of his accomplishments include a 700 pound squat and deadlift as well as a sub 4:30 min mile. 


Anthony joined CHP in 2014, and in his time with CHP he has successfully helped over 200 athletes with their fitness goals either through programming or diet writing. Anthony specializes in programming clients with body composition and physique goals, and has experience working with amateur boxers, BJJ practitioners, and individuals that would simply like to live a healthier lifestyle or move to a healthier weight. Anthony supports a number of CHP athletes with their dietary goals by helping provide CHP’s weekly dieting service.

Anthony graduated from Duke University in 2004 with a BS in Biology and a BA in Visual Art. After finishing his undergraduate degree Anthony spent a year working as a protein biochemist in the laboratory of Dan Kiehart at Duke University. He then moved to Columbus, Ohio to attend The Ohio State University for his graduate work. In 2012 he received his Ph.D. in Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology. Since that time he has followed his interest in teaching and helping others by working as a lecturer in the biology program at Ohio State and other nearby campuses.