The Physical Culture & Body Sculpting Club

From constant pain, skinny fat, unconfident and sad...



download-1.png strong, ripped, confident, happy, and filled with gratitude and love.




It all started when...

I decided that I COULD have the health and physique that I wanted.

And that I wasn't going to stop until I got there. And that I was going to seek out the best coaches to learn from.

What I discovered over 15 years of painfully trying to make it happen was that it IS possible for any person to reach a physique and strength that people can't even imagine.

I wanted to share that with as many people as possible. 

Enter the Physical Culture & Body Sculpting Club

It was born through the types of training that I have been doing for over 7 years. It was about:

  • Getting strong like a powerlifter
  • Being able to move your body like a gymnast
  • Being ripped and athletic like Bruce Lee
  • Being pain free

So I created this group at San Jose Barbell.

But not everyone can afford in-person coaching (upwards of $500 per month). And there are also a lot of people who live far away and wanted in.

And that's why we have this online coaching program.

I'm very excited to offer this and work with you to make you the lightest, strongest, most athletic version of yourself possible. 

My online coaching groups usually are $199/month but for the founding members of the Physical Culture Club (who will be known as Body Scientists) it will be locked in at $97/month.

What's included?

A look over my shoulder at my most effective workouts, training tutorials, nutrition plans, and more than a decade of experience getting people ripped, strong, and healthy.

There are no quick fixes. But there proven systems and principles that can take your strength, physique, and health to levels you never thought possible.

$3.23 per day

Most people spend way more than that on coffee, crap food, etc each day. And none of those things are helping you get to that goal.

For less than that, you'll get access to a community and my systems where your life will be dramatically altered forever.

I will show you exactly what you need to do. There are NO quick fixes. But if you follow the steps...we're going to do some crazy things.

Join Now for $97/month (cancel anytime)

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